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Instagram Stories Course

10 Lessons

About this course

Discover how to leverage Instagram and its brand new ‘Stories’ feature to get highly engaged followers, traffic, and make yourself financially independent.

Video 1 – Introducing Instagram

We introduce Instagram as a powerful tool to build a massive amount of followers, trust and influence, and have a huge impact on your audience.

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Video 2 – Instagram’s History and Features

We look at the background of Instagram and the objective of Instagram. Instagram's simplicity is one of its most powerful elements, when leveraged correctly, can skyrocket your growth.

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Video 3 – Getting Started With Instagram

We explain how you can tap into the power of Instagram and why brands are investing so much in Instagram.

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Video 4 – How to Grow Your Account

Based on your value proposition explained in the previous video, we go into detail how you can grow and promote your account substantially.

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Video 5 – How to Use Instagram Stories

As you now know how to grow your account, we explain one of its strongest new features - Instagram Stories.

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Video 6 – Why We All Should be Excited by the Trend Toward Live

This video explains how hot live video really is - and how this will shape social media moving forward.

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Video 7 – Great Content for Stories and Live Streaming

We provide best practice and insights how to produce content for Instagram, Instagram Stories and Live Streaming for you to benefit from.

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Video 8 – How to Create Stunning Pictures and Videos

Instagram is a visual media and you need to learn a few important aspects to make a splash on Instagram.

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Video 9 – Monetizing Your Instagram Account and Finding Sponsors

When you have a well-run Instagram account, it's time to profit. This video details how to monetize your Instagram account and finding sponsors.

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Video 10 – Conclusions

We summarize the key learnings and provide you with next steps for your continuous growth using Instagram.

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