Read our story how one supposed-to-be-a-small-book became a giant digital marketing academy

It all started with Instagram 

We love Instagram. It is visual. It is easy to use.

But, more importantly. It is one of the most important social platforms if you wish to grow your business. With almost 1 billion users and 4 times higher engagement than Facebook, it is clear why Zuck and his team bought tiny Instagram in 2012 for breathtaking 1 billion dollars .

Some time ago, we decided to write a book about Instagram. We wanted the world to learn how to grow their follower base and monetize on this growing platform.

So, we wrote a book about Instagram

It was months of work. Talking to designers about the title. Split testing different covers with various audiences. We settled on the following title and cover. We had a book!

Our signature e-book is available as download to all members on Instagreater.

It grow into a family of Instagreater books

We always wanted to create niche books. The more specialized we could create content, the more value we would provide the reader. At the end of the journey, we had 9 editions using different case studies and examples.

Food & Drink Edition

Home & Living Edition

Beauty Edition

Media Edition

Cars & Transport Edition

Travel Edition

Sports & Fitness Edition

Arts, Music & Culture Edition

We had fun and continued to do awesome collaborations with amazing individuals

As we started to grow, we also worked with a number of inspiring influencers including Kelly Schneider, Cindy Prado, Laura Grace, D'Angeli, Minakshi Mahta, Kelly Russo, Nneya Richars, Marius Weber and many others to whom we are eternally grateful. Without such spirits, we wouldn't have become what we are today.

Cindy Prado

Instagreater has created an amazing, must read resource with their e-books and video courses. It will help you take your social profile to the next level!

Cindy Prado Leading Jet Set Fashion & Travel Influencer

Kelly Schneider

Instagreater’s social media strategy guide is the leading digital brand-builder guide on the web, not just for Instagram but for all social media channels. They've provided a tremendous benefit to me and I would highly recommend anyone series about growing their profile and marketability to use them!

Kelly Schneider Influencer and Fashion blogger

Minakshi Mahta

Instagreater has created a fantastic resource with their Instagram series! This is one of the most extensive and effective strategy guides for Instagram I've ever come across. It's been great working with them to expand my brand profile and they've helped me open up plenty of new opportunities. I highly recommend you check it out!

Minakshi Mahta Top Fashion, Fitness and Beauty Influencer

Laura Grace D'Angeli

Instagreater’s social media strategy guide is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to maximize their brand presence online! With books for nearly every category, Instagreater offers all creatives and talents the ability to rise in their field and best cater to their audience.

Laura Grace D'Angeli Miss Swimsuit USA Hawaii, Model, Actress & Blogger

Kelly Russo

Instagreater’s instagram series is a must read for anyone who wants to maximize their instagram following! Their in depth e-book series is a fantastic marketing resource that provides an effective strategy for growing your instagram presence. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about expanding their brand via social media!

Kelly Russo TV host for Downtown LA, Star Actress & Media Influencer

Nneya Richards

Make sure you check out Instagreater out to see the amazing online marketing resources they can provide you!

Nneya Richards Leading Fashion Maven and Influencer

Marius Weber

Instagreater provides a 360 degree self-help resource for navigating the social media world and creating a stand-out profile! Check out their video courses and e-books!!!

Marius Weber Leading Car Blogger and Influencer

We expanded beyond Instagram...

As we grew, we obtained the rights to launch video courses and ebooks for leading high-quality digital marketing training material. The platform grew with videos courses, ebooks, cheat sheets and much more and became a leading online tool for digital marketers, youtubers, instagrammers worldwide. become the leading and most affordable digital marketing & social media academy